Jesse Langille

Jesse Langille Born in Princeton, New Jersey. Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Jesse Langille’s most recent work is comprised of a group of ink drawings entitled “The Strain of Smiling.” These drawings depict an array of curious personalities in varying degrees of adornment. Langille looks to sources ranging from Victorian mourning garb to Dutch Old Master paintings as inspiration.  The artist is interested in the paradox of capturing an unprompted and fleeting expression while using a highly detailed and fastidious process.


Langille graduated with a BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2001.  Exhibitions include, “A Social Experiment,” Salomon Contemporary, Watermill, NY(2011); “RISD Biennial,” Exit Art, New York, NY(2006); and “Unframed First Look,” Lehmann Maupin, New York, NY(2003).