Seldon Yuan

Seldon Yuan, born in New York, works and lives in Brooklyn, New York

Under the influence of poetry, Seldon Yuan's work is based on a personal history. Focusing on a personal poetics of multiple perspectives and mediums, the work extends across a spectrum that plays on optical effects, absurdity, poetry, surrealism, language, familiar objects and spaces that are often in service of a personal narrative. The work typically creates a filter between a common object, environment, or scene and the viewer, thereby inventing a lens to view and reinterpret the everyday metaphorically.

With the hybrid works that place poems and text into visual contexts, the work plays with the transitions between image/object and language, contrasts the allographic and autographic, activates the passive act of reading, contends with the expansion and contraction of language and both its ambiguities and specificity; all the while carefully sidestepping the language and aesthetics of graphic design and typography. The form of each work is constructed so the text and the visual aspects expand the other conceptually without becoming an illustration, while also activating the passive act of reading through actions such as movement and memorization.


Seldon Yuan CV

Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York


Hunter College MFA Visual Arts
Beaux-arts de Paris l’école nationale supérieure
Carnegie Mellon University Bachelor of Humanities & Arts


- Center for Book Arts, New York (Forthcoming)

- Samuel Jablon: Poet Sculpture, Art in Odd Places, New York, NY
- Inaugural Show, Regina REx/Harborrr, New Yor, NY
- Contemporary Art & Design Group show, Galerie 14, Luxembourg
- NO PHOTOS, Le Leé, Metz, France
- Le Leé Residents, Centre Jacques Brel de Thionville, Thionville, France

- Second AIM Biennial, Bronx Museum of Art, Bronx, NY
- You Are My Sunshine, Associated Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
- All of the Above, Openings NY, New York, NY
- There Are Many Like It, But This One Is Yours, Fuse Works/Front Room Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
- A Gathering Place, No Longer Empty, New York, NY – Ten, Jen Bekman, New York, NY
- Of The Land, Chashama, New York, NY

- Emerging Artist Fellowship 2012, Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, New York
- Art in Odd Places 2012, New York, New York
- Feather Weight, BOS, Brooklyn, New York
- All City All Stars, Core77, New York, New York
- This Side of Paradise, Andrew Freedman Home (in coordination with No Longer Empty and Bronx Museum of Art), Bronx, New York
- Threat: Objects of Defense and Protection, Present Company (in coordination with American Design Club), Brooklyn, New York

- Seeing & Remembering: Portraits and Their Stories, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Cedar Rapids, IA
- Alarums and Excursions, Fuse Works/Front Room Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
- In plain view, Urban Alchemist, Brooklyn, NY
- Getting Warmer, Homestead Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
- Where we are, End of Century, New York, NY
- Under the Influence, Jue Festival, Aroundspace, Shanghai, China
- A Blithedale Romance, Chashama, New York, NY

- See What I Mean, Taller Boricua, New York, NY
- Saffron, Brooklyn, NY
- Dumbo Arts Festival, Juried Exhibition, New York, NY
- Chashama Benefit, New York, NY
- Hunter Satellite 2D, Powerhouse Projects, New York, NY
- Irrelevant: Local Emerging Asian Artists Who Don’t Make Work About Being Asian, Arario Gallery, New York, NY – HELL, NO!, Brooklyn, NY

- Hunter College MFA Thesis Exhibition, Hunter College, New York, NY
- Chashama North Artist Residency, Pine Plains, NY
- Nightshift II, Hudson Guild Gallery, New York, NY
- Time Based Night, Softbox, Queens, NY
- The Secret Life of Plants, Miami-Dade Public Library , Miami FL

- Nurture Art Benefit, James Cohan Gallery, New York, New York NY
- Yonder, Gallerie 69, Oslo, Norway – Poor Services, La Générale en Manufacture, Paris, France
- 555 Broadway/where every step in New York leads: a hallway, a lobby, a stairwell, Ise Cultural Foundation, New York, NY

- The Seed Project, Rare Gallery, New York, NY
- Ise Cultural Foundation, New York, NY
- Neo Abstraction, About Glamour Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
- Clarabelle, New York, NY

- Hybridity/Ambivalence, Amos Eno Gallery, New York, NY
- Pratt Hunter Collaborative, Pratt Institute Brooklyn, NY – CFA Centennial, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

- Night of 1,000 Drawings, Artists Space, New York, NY
- Summer Salon Show,  Concepto Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
- Nurturing the New ’05, Nurture Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY – Boy’s Festival, Bozu Brooklyn, NY

- Threads, Associations, Implications, Stay Gold Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
- Night of 1,000 Drawings, Artists Space, New York, NY
- Nurturing the New 2004, Nurture Art, Brooklyn, NY
- Naked, Opaline, New York, NY

- Night of 1,000 Drawings, Artists Space, New York, NY
- Book Market Expaceprojects New York, NY
- Made in New York, Jen Bekman Gallery, New York, NY
- International Photography & Video Art Exhibit, William Whipple Gallery, Marshall, MN

- Life of the City, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, NY
- Night of 1,000 Drawings, Artists Space, New York, NY
- Photo 2002, Monique Goldstrom Gallery, New York, NY
- Here is New York, International Center of Photography, New York, NY
- Cut and Paste Film Festival, Iowa City, IA

- Night of 1,000 Drawings, Artists Space, New York, NY
- Documenta USA, Museum of New Art (MONA), Detroit, MI
- Here is New York, New York, NY (traveling exhibition)
- September 11 Photo Project, New York, NY  (traveling exhibition)
- Photo 2001, Monique Goldstrom Gallery, New York, NY
- Figurative Explorations, Monique Goldstrom Gallery, New York, NY

- Expn Tube Online Film Festival

- James Fuentes Gallery, New York, NY

- Instant Art Space, Pittsburgh, PA
- Two Man Show The Frame Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA


- Center for Book Arts Artist Residency, 2013, New York, NY
- Bronx Museum of Art AIM Program, Winter 2012, Bronx, NY
- Chashama North Artist Residency, Summer 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, Pine Plains, NY
- Naropa SWP, Summer 2007, Boulder, CO
- Study Abroad on the Bowery, Fall 2005, New York, NY


- Center for Book Arts Artist Residency/Grant, 2013, New York, NY
- Emerging Artist Fellowship 2012, Socrates Sculpture Park
- Bronx Museum of Art, Artist in the Marketplace (AIM) fellow, 2012


- N.U.T.S. 2007
- La Mer Gelee, Commission 2009
- EDNY, Encyclopedia Destructica 2008
- Boards: The Art and Design of Skateboards Published by Universal Books 2003
- morning, afternoon, evenings (poetry) by Seldon Yuan Published by MAE 2002
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- Bonus Magazine, Fall 2004
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- Velvity Issue 4 Summer 1997


- Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
- New York Public Library Photography Collection
- New York Historical Society


- Boheme Verite Issue 3 by Miki Johnson (defunct)
- Artcat TOP PICK
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